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Hanna Cohen - About Me

I was born in San Jose, Costa Rica. I graduated in Public Relations and later continued to persue my Masters in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing. I was a model for T.V commercials; magazines, music videos, cat walk and was the main actress in a Costa Rican Spanish movie “Los Secretos de Isolina”. Growing up in Costa Rica I was exposed to all Latin rhythms and discovered my passion for dancing.

Early in life, I got married and decided with my husband to raise our family in an orthodox environment. In 1997 we moved to Florida (USA) and my schedule as a wife, mother and homemaker became my priority in life.

Looking for a way to exercise and stay fit I heard about the Zumba fitness system and bought the Zumba Fitness DVD series to try it out!! I loved it and got addicted to the Zumba party! I started to see great results in my fitness level and changes in my body. I felt motivated to become an instructor in order to help my friends and ladies from my community maintain their physical fitness as part of a healthy lifestyle in a fun environment. Zumba is an exciting-addictive workout like nothing else you have experienced before. My goal is to provide classes in a modest environment for women only.

I invite you to come and experience your first Zumba class and join the party!!

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    East West Karate
    Boca Raton Synagogue
    Hillel Day School
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    Phone: 561 285-1718

    Fax: 561 477-5003

    Boca Raton, Florida, USA