Zumbatomic for Kids

Zumbatomic for kids

ZUMBATOMIC is a fun, healthy program for children using the ZUMBA Fitness concept. It’s a dance-fitness class specially adapted for kids that incorporate Zumbatomic music and dance movements which creates an exciting, fun and effective exercise.

ZUMBATOMICis an explosion of music, dance and energy!!


The ZUMBATOMIC program uses music that is a 100 percent kid-friendly with songs, dances and actions that promote the overall theme of a healthy lifestyle. The ZUMBATOMIC music was specifically written with these goals in mind.


The goal of ZUMBATOMIC is that the kids will develop a healthy lifestyle, and to incorporate fitness as a natural part of children’s lives, not just a class they attend once a week. While exercise is really important element of childhood development, ZUMBATOMIC also considers other facets of a child development.

Developing a healthy lifestyle includes learning:

  • Leadership
  • Respect Team Work
  • Pride
  • Confidence
  • Responsibility

It also includes developing:

  • Coordination
  • Balance
  • Discipline
  • Memory
  • Creativity


It’s proven that children, whether they are overweight or not, should participate in some form of healthy exercise because of the additional benefits they received such as:

  • Preventative Measures
  • Creativity, Dexterity, Cognitive, and Emotional Strength
  • Confidence, Happiness, Faster Reaction Times
  • Higher Self Esteem, Better Classroom Behavior
  • Help Children Learn, Better Concentration, Problem Solving


Various groups provide different guidelines on the amount of exercise a child needs. Although there are differences, they all agree that exercise, and plenty of it, is critically important for all aspects of health, longevity, and development for children

The National Association for Sport & Physical Education (NASPE) Guidelines (abbreviated):

For preschoolers, age 3-5:

  • Should participate in a least 60 minutes of structured physical activity daily
  • Should engage in at least 60 minutes and up to several hours of unstructured physical activity
  • Should not be sedentary for more than 60 minutes at a time, except when sleeping
  • Should develop competence in movement skills that are building blocks for more complex movements tasks

Today's kids spend less and less time exercising and more time watching TV or playing computer games. It's essential that we get them involved in exercise programs that are fun! At ZUMBATOMIC kids can shake and move with the best of them! These classes are designed to do something different and fun so it is a memorable experience for your child.

Each class introduces them to dance and shows them how body, rhythm, movement, creativity, and feelings work together to become and art. This class has the potential to make a huge difference that could have a life-long effect. The class is taught with love, respect and lots of dedication.

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